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Let Us Take the Pain Out of Waiting for Your Personal Injury Case to Settle.

  • Getting hopelessly behind on your bills?
  • Unable to provide for your family and make ends meet?
  • Putting off much-needed medical treatment because you can’t pay for it?

Broadway Funding Group can help.

Funding Options
We provide pre-settlement funding to people who plan to file or have filed a personal injury lawsuit. Use the money any way you want – pay your rent or mortgage, your monthly bills, or your credit cards debts – and give your attorney the time needed to get you a fair settlement.

When you suffer a personal injury, you need timely medical treatment. But what if your insurance won’t pay? Or you don’t have insurance – or the cash – to cover yourself? Sadly, in today’s economy, this happens all too often. But it doesn’t have to with BFG.

We have paid for many of our clients’ medical treatments – from doctor visits to the most expensive and complicated surgeries. Don’t let money stand in the way of your full recovery. Take advantage of BFG’s pre-paid medical treatment funding and get the relief you deserve.

Broadway Funding Group gives you peace of mind in the form of a check.

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